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Who's who in a consulting firm

‘But isn’t everyone who works in consulting called a consultant?’

Who’s who in advertising?

Behind every tagline that’s embedded in our collective consciousness—from ‘Just Do It’ to ‘Think Different’—is a team of advertising professionals committed to capturing your attention and selling it to their clients.

Why are you suitable for this job? 3 tips on how to answer

3 must-read tips on how to answer this interview question in your search for the perfect graduate job – be prepared and get ahead.

Why did three superstar grads choose KPMG?

When it comes to attracting outstanding talent, KPMG is one of the best in the business.

Why do people work anyway?

Why do we work? Why don’t we all just live in a commune, sleeping in late and bartering beans for berries as needed?

Why emotional intelligence is key in restructuring & insolvency

A career in restructuring & insolvency requires high emotional intelligence, analytical & problem-solving skills. Find out more about this graduate career.

Why graduates are obsessed with the Big Four

You’re studying hard towards that degree, but where are you planning to work when you graduate? Some people are happy getting any graduate position they can, while many others only have one goal - The Big Four.

Why your IT degree alone isn’t enough

From a penchant for problem solving to the ability to communicate effectively, there are a range of ‘soft skills’ that recruiters will expect you to possess.