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Olivia Franco

6.45 AM

Rise and shine at 6.45 am, I begin my morning routine getting ready for work! I then catch the 7.45 am Tram down Brunswick Street to head into the city.

8.15 AM

I arrive at work where I head straight over to the coffee machine with a few co-workers to catch up on what we have missed since seeing each other last. I then settle into my desk with my coffee and a bowl of cereal while reading news highlights in the Financial Review.

8.45 AM

I begin the day checking and responding to emails before reviewing my work list and prioritising the jobs for the day.

Olivia on her desk

10.00 AM

I have a job briefing with my Manager and Senior accountant, where I’m informed about what client we will be working on next which will involve a visit to the client’s offices. A good way to get out of the office and meet the clients face-to-face.

Olivia with Manager and Senior Accountant

12.00 PM

I jump into preparing a client’s accounts through analysing the work by their financial controller, looking to make sure their position and income is correctly estimated. Following this I prepare the groups tax returns for the financial year.

Olivia with her Manager

1.00 PM

Lunch is here! So I take this time to head on down to the gym with some to get a quick workout done to split up the day and refresh my mind for the afternoon.

Olivia in the gym

2.00 PM

Back to work where I have a workflow meeting with my team. It is nice weather today, so we head over to the park for some fresh air while we discuss and allocate the different work loads to each team member.

Olivia in the gym

3.00 PM

Back to the office now where I have an industry meeting, where as a group we discuss the latest updates in different business sectors. It is a good way to stay informed about changes across markets so we can then offer informed advice to our clients. Partners also attend these sessions so it is a good chance to hear their wisdom.

Olivia preparing for a team meeting

4.00 PM

As head of the Wine Club at Fordham, one of the many social groups, I send around latest wine specials to then place an order online for niche wines for the wine drinkers of the team. To ensure that no one goes thirsty, I order an extra bottle for Friday afternoon drinks.

5.30 PM

I look over my list I prepared in the morning to make sure I have completed the tasks I set to do today. I spend the next half an hour tying up loose ends. If everything is prepared I start setting up for the next work day. 

6.00 PM

Head on back home where I quickly change to then head over to play a Futsal match with some of the Co-workers.

8.00 PM

Back home where I chill out and relax on the couch watching TV shows with my housemates to be well rested for the next day.